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Very few things are a certainty in life, but here are a few. There will be prisons, there will be schools, there will be armed forces, there will be hospitals and there will be offices. Within these establishments there will be people and these people need to eat. For that reason alone foodservice companies have to target the cost sector and Public Sector Magazine is the only media product that is exclusively targeted at the businesses that feed these people.

Government and business will continue to fund catering services across their portfolio of sites, from Afghanistan to Canary Wharf people need to be fed. Exceptional amounts of money will be spent on food, drink, catering equipment, furniture and design as well as technology and environmental products that support the governments push towards their Kyoto targets in 2020.

The diversity of product and service requirements across the cost sector presents opportunities for all types of businesses, spend is continuous and there is never a bad time to communicate with this lucrative group.

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