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Catering Manager of the Year Award: June Cormie - Education Catering

9th Apr 2024 - 11:10

June Cormie has worked across the authority in many schools for over thirty years and for the last ten years has been based in Barrhead High School. June is one of the key members of the catering team who is enthusiastic and committed.

One of the key strengths June has is taking any requests that are over and above the daily running of the service as she always delivers what is asked of her with a professional attitude.

June worked closely with the University West College Scotland on a research project which launched one of the first school breakfast carts in Scotland within Barrhead high school and two of her cluster primary schools.

The cart provides a daily free healthy breakfast for young people, which includes a choice of cereals, fresh fruit and toast. This project has been a huge success and was recognised by the Scottish parliament as ‘sector leading’.

The breakfast cart was so well received with positive feedback from stakeholders, it is now being offered in ten primary schools and two secondary schools in areas of deprivation within East Renfrewshire Council and has become a key part of the catering service.

Developing the young workforce has always been of great importance to June, she has supported the modern apprentice programme for over ten years and has given young people opportunities to learn and develop including those with additional support needs to enable them to achieve their chosen career path.

One of the learners successfully completed the programme even although he did not have English as his first language. June spent time with the young person and adapted the teaching by using google translate to aid in the learning of cooking skills. The young person went on to be awarded Council Modern Apprentice of the Year.

Another learner who joined the project was a young person in a wheelchair. June actively pushed health and safety boundaries to facilitate the learner, this included buddy working for manual handling, changing the kitchen layout and encouraging the young person to carry out all duties that were required. 

June was recently asked if she would support the delivery of cooking classes to council employees by the council health and wellbeing officer. Not only did she deliver the sessions she devised the menu ‘Four person Christmas dinner for under £25’.

June sourced all the best value products from local shops to demonstrate to the delegates that the costs were achievable. The session was so successful she was asked to run a second course. The feedback from both courses was astounding and seemed to be a very beneficial wellbeing service for staff.

The outstanding contribution which June makes to the service is to demonstrate on a daily basis that the catering service is not only providing a service to young people at lunch time but highlights that it is also a valuable asset within the local authority and can be used to support health and wellbeing.

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