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Brits increasing focus on healthy tea and coffee

6th Oct 2021 - 05:00
The lockdown appears to have done nothing to dampen British enthusiasm for coffee and tea, but there is increasing focus on health and wellbeing.

Lavazza brand ambassador and head of training David Cutler said: “Coffee consumption has always stayed at a relatively high level and has remained constant over the past year. The temporary closure of coffee shops due to the Covid-19 pandemic meant we saw a boom in at-home coffee consumption.

“The coffee industry has evolved substantially over the past few years, with the UK leading the charge. In the UK, coffee has moved away from classic strong, bitter flavours which used to polarise consumers to a more diverse range of coffee flavour profiles, attracting a wider consumer audience and resulting in increased coffee consumption.

“Social media has also played a significant role, bringing a plethora of coffee trends to the fore, such as Dalgona coffee, which consumers are recreating at home.

“Now coffee shops have reopened, this passionate at home coffee consumer is fuelling the revitalisation of coffee shops and bars due to their increased consumption during lockdown.

“In turn, coffee shops and bars are also looking to put their own spin on these trends which attracts this younger generation.

“One of the biggest emerging trends is experience. Specifically, baristas are offering their customers new, exciting and often elaborate serving suggestions to help create a unique coffee experience. This has resulted in a rise in coffee pairings, cocktails or simply new recipes to enlarge the experience beyond a more traditional offer.

“We are living in an era of conscious living, where people tend to associate with brands who share the same values. Consumers are looking for products that go beyond looking or tasting good and want products that do good as well.”

For evidence of the increased interest in the health and wellbeing aspect of the hot drinks market, Aidan Ledger, head of new business out-of-home at Twinings Foodservice, commented: “Trends are changing, there’s a focus on health and wellbeing, on experiences and on playing our part in looking after the environment.

“Alternative milks are booming, vitamin and mineral sales are increasing and the Covid pandemic has brought mental health to the fore.

“This reflects in our choices of food and drink. Caffeine-free options are increasing in popularity, and tea in particular can be enhanced with vitamins and minerals, offering intense flavours that are not the traditional tea bag in a cup of hot water with milk.

“The new foodservice-exclusive range of large leaf pyramids from Twinings dials up the health and wellness focus, with infusions that are good for the mind, body and planet.

“Within the new range are six brand new teas that deliver, not only on flavour, but also on experience. Whether guests want a fruity green tea or a hit of raspberry and vitamin C (contains 75% of daily vitamin C requirements), operators can also ensure that the tea experience goes above and beyond expectations by serving the options as per the Twinings menu suggestions.”

Written by
Edward Waddell