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Bull’s Eye unveils trends to ‘shake up’ 2024 menus

4th Dec 2023 - 04:00
Kraft Heinz’s BBQ brand Bull’s-Eye polled industry and culinary experts via its Table 57 community and The Craft Guild of Chefs network to discern the ‘pivotal trends’ that will help operators prepare for the new year.

Chefs revealed that flavour exploration, authenticity and culinary adventures beyond meat are the key trends moving into 2024.

Artemis Argyrides, foodservice marketing lead for Northern Europe at Kraft Heinz said: “Gaining insight from chefs and those at the heart of our industry is key to ensuring we continue to support operators. By sharing this, we seek to help operators adapt their offering and create winning menus that keep up with diner’s evolving preferences.

“Consumers want authentic and new flavours to try, this can be difficult for operators in a time where there is still a skills gap in the industry. Bull’s-Eye sauces are so versatile, helping operators to recreate these authentic dining experiences diners crave. Consider adding Bull’s-Eye Original sauce to pork ribs or to add zing to a pulled mushroom burger.”

Flavour Explosion

Chefs at the forefront of the industry predict a flavour revolution in 2024, with Korean (38%), Caribbean (35%), and Mexican (32%) emerging as the leading flavours poised to dominate. This indicates a growing appetite among diners for adventurous tastes and a desire to explore new and exciting ingredients when eating out of home.

Eastern European cuisine also emerged as a top choice by chefs surveyed (12%). With nearly half of consumers interested in trying Hungarian food and three in five eager to explore Polish food, it’s evident that the curious consumer is looking for more variety.

Authenticity Pays

Authenticity (54%), value (58%) and innovation (32%) are identified as key drivers to attract diners. As diners actively seek more genuine experiences when eating out, it is increasingly important for operators to engage further with consumers by aligning their dishes and communication to tap into this growing trend.

Culinary Adventures Beyond Meat

While new flavours take the spotlight, cooking styles have also been explored. A significant 51% of surveyed chefs anticipate a resurgence in street food popularity, with fire pit (51%) and BBQ (38%) cooking styles expected to influence consumer demands.

Bull's-Eye's recent consumer research adds another layer to the evolving culinary landscape, revealing a growing preference for vegetable-based options over traditional meat alternatives.

This aligns with the 71% of chefs who regard mushrooms as an excellent vegetarian option to serve. The versatility and potential of vegetables are being looked to when considering how to enhance plant-based offerings. One chef shared, ‘Vegetables, with a bit of creativity, shine – think celeriac steak, aubergine shawarma, cauliflower wings, or corn ribs’.

Written by
Edward Waddell