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Compass Group healthcare dietitian highlights importance of hydration

24th May 2024 - 04:00
Helen Ream, Compass Group’s healthcare dietitian, highlights the importance of championing hydration.

Within the healthcare landscape, the importance of good hydration is promoted and our catering teams work in partnership with the clinical teams in hospitals to communicate this to our patients.

For multiple reasons patients often struggle to meet their requirements for fluid - which is a really important factor in supporting health outcomes.

We know that good hydration is really important for individuals staying in hospitals, but it’s also imperative for the wellbeing of those working and visiting these environments.

We all need to be working to emphasise the benefits of good hydration and we support with training around its importance - all members of the multidisciplinary team have a part to play.

It’s little things that can often make a big difference to a patient’s fluid intake. We recommend simple steps such as:

  • Water stations providing chilled still or sparkling water
  • Water jugs at hospital bedside tables which are regularly refreshed
  • Providing mugs instead of cups, which are generally larger to encourage a more fluid intake
  • Using straws and beakers for medical purposes to support individuals to drink, where needed
  • Regular beverage rounds with a good range of options including herbal teas, squash and fruit juice
  • Remember that if you are more active or during hot weather spells, our bodies need more fluid to stay well hydrated
Written by
Edward Waddell