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Kerry research reveals ‘mind-body beverages’ driving consumer demand

29th Mar 2021 - 05:00
New consumer research released by Kerry, the taste and nutrition company, has found that 65% of functional beverage consumers are more worried about their health since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Consumers are more concerned about their health and they are seeking beverages that support their immunity and mental health.

Whitepaper report

The whitepaper, Understanding Consumer Drivers in Beverages, examines the key health priorities that will drive the functional beverage market with 2,662 beverage consumers across the UK, Germany, Poland and Spain surveyed as part of the research.

When asked about the health concerns that have become more important since the emergence of Covid-19, 59% of respondents cited immunity while 50% said mental health is now a priority.

Importance of immunity

Breda Kelly, Kelly’s nutritional beverage lead for Europe and Russia, said: “Our consumer research shows that there is a growing demand for products that address a broad spectrum of health concerns, but in particular immunity and mental health support.

“While immune health is top of mind at the moment and is the most important health concern since the onset of the pandemic, younger age groups are worried about body-mind wellness and their mental health, meaning that there is an opportunity to create products to address these concerns.”

Increasing consumer demand

As the market for products with functional and nutritional benefits grows, there is increasing consumer demand for formats that meet the needs of different occasions and deliver ease and convenience of consumption.

The research also found that just over half of all Europeans attach equal importance to taste and delivery of the benefit.

Kelly added: “Consumers are willing to pay a premium for beverages with a functional benefit and will repurchase if that benefit is proven to work. This means that manufacturers need to use ingredients that are backed by science and trusted by consumers.”

Written by
Edward Waddell