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Kerry Taste & Nutrition reveals summer beverage market trends

30th Jul 2021 - 06:00
©Kerry 2021
Kerry Taste & Nutrition has released its latest ‘Art of Taste & Nutrition’ report providing a complete view of 2021 trends in the summer beverage market.

Looking at over 300 Limited Time Offerings (LTOs) across 12 European markets, the research reveals that for Summer 2021 strawberry has come out on top.

Elaine Druhan, senior marketing manager of foodservice at Kerry Taste & Nutrition, said: As the foodservice industry continues to go through a period of momentous change, this market analysis highlights the optimism surrounding the reopening of the out-of-home sector. We’re seeing an abundance of innovation across Europe and Russia and expect to see even more in Summer 2022.  

“As one of the world’s leading taste & nutrition companies, our purpose at Kerry is to inspire food and nourish life. We’re delighted to be able to share the findings of this in-depth research and make predictions for future development of summer beverages for the summer 2022 period.”

Citrus Revival

Tapping into the health and wellness trend, citrus flavours not only offer the ultimate in refreshment during hotter months, but also benefit from their association with healthy, immune-boosting properties.

Food and beverage products linked to immunity have been increasingly popular with consumers in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Authentic Fruit Flavours

Strawberry and mango had strong performance as preferred flavours for summer LTOs in popular iced teas and lemonade platforms, as well as in the addition of real fruit pieces and flavours in coffees.

Additionally, using seasonal fruits at their freshest adds a premium touch to LTO offerings.  

Comfort Factor

Following the months of uncertainty brought on by Covid-19, consumers are looking for comfort and indulgence and LTOs, particularly decadent blended ice style beverages, tap into this by providing a treat to inject fun and excitement into consumers’ days.  

Written by
Edward Waddell