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Love British Food offers tips to help people save money on food

1st Apr 2022 - 04:00
Love British Food created a thread on Twitter to inform people about how they can save money on food.

A spokesperson for Love British Food, said: “The cost of living crisis is proving to be far worse than many feared. Food prices are soaring and families are making impossible decisions.”

Buy British and buy seasonal

When food is in season there is usually an abundance of supply and therefore seasonal produce is often more affordable.

Shop around

Supermarkets are convenient, but it can be cheaper to shop for other ingredients elsewhere. If you live near a street market or independent shops it may be cheaper to buy from them. Shop around!

Buy loose ingredients

Buy loose ingredients rather than pre-packed. A couple of loose carrots cost around 10p but a pre-pack can cost up to 90p.

Waste not, want not

If you have fruit, veg or herbs in the house that are due to expire, cut it up and put in a zip-lock in the freezer for using later.

Can it

Canned fruit and vegetables count towards your five-a-day and can potentially be cheaper than fresh varieties.

Buy whole

Buy joints or full carcasses of meat and use all of it imaginatively. Buy a whole chicken rather than chicken breasts. Use the bones to make stocks for soup and the left-over meat in sandwiches, curries and stews.

Community food co-ops

There are community food co-operative programmes across Britain providing quality, affordable fruit and vegetables to communities through sustainable local food distribution networks.

Pasta sauce

Use a can of tinned tomatoes as a pasta sauce base opposed to pre-made sauce as it is not only cheaper but healthier.


They do everything from chips to mash, and they’re affordable.

Shop together

If you’re living in student accommodation or with friends think about communally shopping, bigger packs last long and cost a lot less.

Plan ahead

If you only have the ingredients for meals you plan on making, you’ll throw less away.

Batch it up

Making your food in batches at the start of the week is cheap and convenient. If you cook Sunday night’s pasta dish for three, you can save and store two for later in the week.

Make a list

Shopping lists are essential for avoiding costly and unnecessary purchases when in the shop.

Written by
Edward Waddell