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Wexiödisk shines at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

16th Mar 2020 - 05:00
Wexiödisk has introduced warewashing facilities to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, which is one of the UK’s ‘leading specialist healthcare providers’.

The Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has 450 beds, a large outpatient facility and hundreds of staff. The catering services team produces more than 1,500 meals a day, seven days a week. 

Catering at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Paul Straughair, catering manager at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We offer a range of seven different menus to suit varying patient requirements. In addition, we also caterer for visitors and staff at our two busy restaurants, Springs and Hedgerows, both of which offer a range of delicious, freshly prepared hot and cold meals. 

“The smooth running of the catering department at Salisbury Hospital is essential. With everything produced in one main kitchen, we need to ensure our equipment is not only fit for purpose, but offers excellent reliability. This reliability also covers our warewashing facilities. 

“We wash many thousands of plates, bowls and pieces of cutlery and hundreds of trays, pots, pans and utensils every day and as such need a machine that provides excellent results, offers outstanding reliability and provides ongoing energy efficient.” 

Meals are cooked in one central kitchen at the hospital where the food is fresh and seasonal where possible. With so many meals to prepare the catering team relies on their equipment to be consistent. 

Introducing the Wexiödisk WD-B700 

The previous appliance was coming to end of its life so Straughair decided to introduce the Wexiödisk WD-B700 to the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.  

Straughair commented: “We had an excellent response to the tender process with manufacturers introducing their latest technology and models in their portfolio. Having created a shortlist of just a handful, we invited them to pitch. Following this processes, we took the decision to go with Wexiödisk.” 

Originally from Sweden, Wexiödisk is a relatively new brand to the UK market.  Wexiödisk also has warewashing facilities in the public sector at Magdalen College School in Oxford. 

He added: “I have been extremely impressed by the team from
 Wexiödisk. The machine was up and running following
 the installation at the exact time they said it would be
and the feedback I’ve received from my staff who use it on a daily basis has been consistently excellent. 

“We’ve also noticed a significant improvement in the quality of the wash from our previous model, with around 98% of items coming out clean first time compared to our previous average of around 80%.” 

Success story 

Having used the machine for around six months, Straughair was impressed by the build quality and the features of the machine. 

He said: “You can tell immediately that the Wexiödisk machine is extremely robust and well built. Almost the entire machine, including the wash arms are made from stainless steel, preventing wear and withstanding the heavy demand we place on the appliance, while the belt is protected by a lifetime warranty, not only giving me peace-of-mind but also going to show the confidence that the company place on their appliances. 

“The machine offers a higher water pressures than we have been used too, which in turn takes the strain of the team in the kitchen. We no longer need to soak and scrub pots and pans, which frees up individuals to do other important jobs around the kitchen and wash area.” 

Energy costs are continuing to rise and healthcare trusts across the UK are seeing the effects of a squeezed budget. Salisbury Hospital needed a warewasher to be sustainable and provide ongoing cost saving. 

Straughair concluded: “We have also been able to make the
 kitchen more efficient through the 
simplification of cleaning and maintenance on the machine. We clean the machine twice a day and through a combination of the tools provided and the easy access design of the machine, we have achieved significant time savings here too.

“The most important thing for us is to get the right machine for the job. Since installing the Wexiödisk WD-B700, my staff and I have nothing but praise for the warewasher. 

“As a member of the Hospital Caterers Association, I have already been recommending the company’s equipment to some of my other colleagues within the industry.” 

For more information on the Wexiödisk range of warewashing appliances please visit here or call  +44 796 85 58 389. 

Written by
Edward Waddell