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Wrapmaster sustainable collection ‘makes splash’ at The Deep

29th Sep 2022 - 04:00
Chris Saddington, food and beverage manager at The Deep, is part of a passionate team dedicated to promoting and conserving the world’s oceans and making the aquarium a top destination for visitors.

With up to half a million visitors a year, The Deep is one of Hull’s leading educational tourist attractions.

After trialling Wrapmaster’s sustainable collection – a range of recyclable and compostable wraps, as well as a reusable lidding solution for gastronorm trays – Chris introduced the collection as part of The Deep’s sustainability mission and commitment to working with sustainable partners.

Chris explains: “The Deep is an education and conservation charity so wherever possible, including in our kitchens, we’re looking to take positive steps in helping the world’s oceans. That includes ensuring minimal food miles, using Red Tractor products and where possible working with local, and likeminded companies.

“Having a good environmental policy is one of the most important things to us. It is essential suppliers mirror what we do and we like to work with people who are as excited about sustainability as we are. Partnering with Wrapmaster, who are taking forward steps in sustainability is a fantastic thing, and it helps us reduce our own impact by allowing us to recycle as much as possible.

“As an ocean conservation charity, people expect us to lead the way in terms of plastic reduction. Wrapmaster’s recyclable PE cling film is a dream for us. Being able to switch from a non-recyclable film to a recyclable film was big step.

“It’s a great way for The Deep to still use film but minimise our impact on the environment. We can use it to stop food spoilage and help us on our sustainability journey. It’s part of our closed loop recycling, so the film can go to the right place and be made into a new product.

“We love the baking parchment as it works with our recycling and so we can ensure its sent off to the right facility. The fact it is made from sustainable forests, is natural and has no harsh chemicals helps us to minimise our environmental damage.

“One of the most important things within the kitchen is to reduce food waste. With Flexsil-Lid, we have found it useful to have reusable lids for storing our prep. The fact we can use it in combi-ovens, put it through dishwashers, use it for hot food, as well as cold, makes it a fantastic product to minimise our food waste and help maintain our sustainability.

“Wrapmaster has shown us the best way to cover our foods and stop potential spoilage. The hygiene is absolutely fantastic, as you can put the system through a dishwasher. Also the safety side, it’s safe for my chefs to use or a member of the catering crew. Obviously not having a dog-eared cardboard box on the side of the servery is always good too.

“The Wrapmaster sustainable collection is a very easy thing to recommend, the products have been easy to introduce and use, and are helping us on our sustainability journey as we work towards being a carbon-neutral organisation.”

Written by
Edward Waddell