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City Catering CEO appeals for donations

10th Feb 2021 - 07:00
Rachel Hall, chief executive of charity City Catering, has launched an appeal to raise money to help them continue to cater for the vulnerable in the community.

Over the Christmas holidays City Catering provided grocery boxes to 1,800 families from 55 different Southampton schools. The grocery boxes included ingredients and instructions for cooking a range of healthy and low-cost meals to support families over the Christmas break.

Hall said: “This is why we are, again, appealing to you in our local community, to support us, donate and fundraise for usBe it the cost of a school meal, a meals-on-wheels delivery, or more, we'd be so grateful.

“Now more than ever, schools are vital to children's nutrition, giving access to Free School Meals, Breakfast clubs, the National Fruit & Vegetable Scheme, emergency food banks, and more.

“With many children learning at home, fewer pupils are enjoying a hot school meal; currently, we are serving a fifth of pre-Covid numbers, at just 9,500 meals a week, but are grateful to still be operating in schools and supporting pupils' nutrition; it is our purpose, after all.

“There are many well-known benefits for all who tuck into school meals, and especially those who, for many reasons, a school dinner provides the only reliable hot meal that they can access.”

City Catering stated they will continue to fundraise, adapt and utilise Government support mechanisms to ensure they support vulnerable people in the community.

If you are interested in donating, visit here.

Written by
Edward Waddell