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Company of Cooks elevates sustainable offer at BMA House

28th Nov 2023 - 06:00
Company of Cooks elevates sustainable offer at BMA House
BMA House has enhanced its sustainable catering offering over the past year through a successful partnership with its catering collaborator Company of Cooks.

As part of these developments, Company of Cooks has also been reappointed as the exclusive catering partner for BMA House, reaffirming their commitment to delivering ‘exceptional culinary experiences in an environmentally conscious manner’.

Venue manager Kat Winfield said: "We are thrilled to continue highlighting our advancements in sustainable catering, and our continued partnership with Company of Cooks is a testament to our shared commitment to offering unforgettable events that leave a positive impact on the environment. These achievements underscore our dedication to meeting the evolving preferences of our clients while championing sustainability."

Key achievements:

  • Empowering Informed Choices: A new initiative at BMA House involves the creation of menus that transparently display the carbon impact of each item
  • Innovative Culinary Evolution: The catering team at BMA House has eliminated beef products from all menus
  • Embracing Local Suppliers: Recognising the ecological impact of food miles and the importance of fresher ingredients, BMA House has further developed partnerships with local growers and suppliers
  • Minimising Food Waste: BMA House's collaboration with WasteKnot has resulted in a notable reduction in food wastage
Written by
Edward Waddell