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Elior UK introduces new robot delivery service at University of Roehampton

16th Apr 2024 - 06:00
Elior UK introduces new robot delivery service at University of Roehampton
Contract caterer Elior has introduced a new autonomous robot to deliver food to students’ rooms at the University of Roehampton, London.

Elior provides student catering at the University of Roehampton’s campus restaurants and noticed that many preferred the ease and convenience of ordering takeaways directly to their halls of residence.

The contract caterer devised a way to utilise ‘innovative’ technology to deliver meals to students across campus. In partnership with GW Projects, Elior has introduced the Roehampton robot.

The delivery robot is fully autonomous, meaning it can deliver to students without human interference and travel across all terrains and even roads. The built-in AI technology allows it to learn the best routes across campus and store that information for the next delivery, guaranteeing a quick delivery time.

Craig Stewart, divisional manager director from Elior, said: “We are excited to be introducing new technologies to our partnership with the University of Roehampton with autonomous robotics for deliveries.

“The new robot can deliver both food and retail items to students and academic staff across the large campus, with great levels of success. We look forward to further developing this use of new technology across the campus and continuing to support students and staff with healthy, fulfilling meals.”

Students can order food through Elior’s BREAZ app to be delivered to their dorm rooms, the catering teams can then put the order into the robot, and it will drive itself to the predetermined location. Students are notified of the robot's arrival and then input a one-time code into the robot to release their order.

Mike Hall, director of campus operations and CIO from the University of Roehampton, added: “When the Elior team brought robots to the table, we were all for the new ideas and creativity.

“Since its integration, the students have been extremely receptive to the new technology and have been enjoying the delivery service along with the ease of access to campus food options. Elior delivers an innovative service provision on a daily basis.”

Written by
Edward Waddell