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ESS drives plant-forward offer across defence business

30th Jan 2023 - 06:00
The Defence, Marine and Aerospace sector of ESS, part of Compass Group UK & Ireland, has introduced over 70 new plant-forward dishes as part of its defence food offer.

The new offer aims to deliver health benefits for customers and sustainability improvements as the organisation works towards climate net zero.

To be considered as plant-forward, the meat content of each dish has been reduced by at least 30% with the total protein content being maintained or increased. The new meals are healthier, with an average 1g increase in fibre with lower fat and saturated fat.

Leanne King, head of nutrition and wellbeing at ESS, commented: “This has been a fantastic and innovative piece of work which is leading the way within our industry. Our culinary team have really pushed the boundaries of food innovation to further enhance the sustainability of our recipes and maintain or improve the nutritional profile whilst still ensuring contractual compliance for those in military training.”

ESS customer favourites such as spaghetti bolognaise, beef curry, Mexican enchiladas and lamb koftas are all recipes that are now ‘significantly’ healthier for customers, better for the environment as well as still looking and tasting as authentic as they did before.

Bob Gray, managing director of ESS Defence, Marine and Aerospace, added: “Plant-forward dining is becoming increasingly popular with today’s consumers who are concerned with both their own health and wellbeing and that of the planet.

“It’s important that we reflect these trends in the meals we are providing to our military customers. I’m delighted that our chefs have developed this new range of dishes which taste great, support customer health and wellbeing and contribute to our journey to climate net zero.

Written by
Edward Waddell