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Final chance to celebrate Public Sector Catering Heroes

24th May 2024 - 09:28
Final chance to celebrate Public Sector Catering Heroes
Today is the final chance to celebrate your Public Sector Catering Heroes via social media to recognise the hard work and dedication of colleagues across the country who continue to deliver healthy, nutritious and delicious food within the public sector.

Do you work with someone who doesn’t just do the job, but puts themselves into it in a personal way? Perhaps they take that extra bit of trouble to make things as good as possible, maybe they take time out to talk to or listen to colleagues, or they may go the extra mile to learn about their customers and what they like.

Now’s a great opportunity to let them know their efforts are appreciated by giving them a mention on social media throughout Public Sector Catering Week. Running throughout the week we are encouraging everyone to name their own Public Sector Catering heroes. Tag them and share on social media the smiles, the food and the teamwork on #PSCWeek #PSCHero.

Public Sector Catering Week (20-24th May) highlighted and celebrated the valuable contributions of individuals and teams involved in providing food services in schools, hospitals, care homes universities, government offices, and other public facilities.

Each had a theme, including the future of kitchen technology, plant-based menus, local sourcing, careers & recruitment, as well as managing allergens. The 2024 Public Sector Catering Week sponsors include Bidfood, Essential Cuisine, Premier Foodservice and Quorn Pro.

Written by
Edward Waddell