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Food for Life shares good food manifesto ahead of general election

25th Jun 2024 - 07:00
Food for Life shares good food manifesto ahead of general election
Food for Life has published its good food manifesto which calls on the next Government to create a national food strategy, take action on ultra-processed foods and ‘fix our broken food system’.

The NHS, the economy, and the UK’s energy security are emerging as key areas of contention ahead of the election. Food for Life believes that food and farming can play a pivotal role. They are asking that the next government prioritises good food by: 

  • Creating a national food strategy 
  • Taking action on ultra-processed food 
  • Enabling more sustainable consumption 
  • Using public procurement for good 
  • Empowering schools to be part of the solution 

Oona Buttafoco, senior policy officer at Food for Life, said: “Fixing our broken food system should be a top priority this election. Transforming the way we produce and consume food can address many of society's critical issues – improving health and wellbeing, helping ensure a viable climate, restoring natural systems and creating green jobs.” 

Schools, nurseries and caterers across the country have been taking action to champion healthy and sustainable food as they work towards meeting the good food framework set out in the Food for Life Award.

Holding a Food for Life Award demonstrates that food is 75% freshly prepared and that ingredients are sustainably sourced. In educational settings, it also means that children are learning about food and where it comes from through growing, cooking activities and farm visits.

Since September, 92 caterers and 73 schools and nurseries have achieved Food for Life awards, making good food accessible and serving up nutritious meals to thousands.  

Written by
Edward Waddell