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Hospitality Show launches initiative promoting the benefits of operating sustainably

21st Dec 2012 - 07:10
Fresh Montgomery is launching Save & Sustain, a joint initiative in partnership with RHP and sponsored by SWR and Beacon, enabling visitors to calculate how much money and carbon they can save running their businesses.

The online calculator enables visitors to estimate the savings in four key areas within their operation - water saving, training, waste and LED lighting.

It is intended to provide a vital projection for the industry illustrating the scale of cost savings that can gained from resource efficiency, as well as identifying the carbon savings.

“Around two fifths of consumers are swayed by sustainability issues when selecting products and services. So making a sustainable choice can improve your image as well as providing multiple opportunities for cost reduction. With Save & Sustain we wanted to give operators a practical way to calculate the full benefits of sustainability, and especially highlight how much it can add to profitability.” says Rebecca Hawkins of RHP, instigator of the scheme.

Save & Sustain is already garnering support from the industry.

Mark Linehan, managing director of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, said: “Energy, waste and water efficiency are three crucial elements of any business' operation. All three of these carry sustainability and financial benefits. A key part of our work is providing operators with advice and information on reducing their environmental footprint. Helping raise operators' awareness is a valuable first step.”


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