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Jeanette Orrey highlights importance of British Food Fortnight in schools

17th Jun 2022 - 07:00
Jeanette Orrey MBE, Honorary President at Food for Life, has highlighted the importance of school participation in this year’s British Food Fortnight, which is taking place from 17 September to 2 October. 

British Food Fortnight aims to celebrate the ‘diverse and delicious’ food that Britain produces. According to Love British Food this year’s event is set to be the 'biggest and most popular yet' with communities and organisations across the country planning to take part.

Orrey said: “Many years ago now when I first started changing the food and how we purchased that food in our smallish school (over 200 children) I found I had to get in my car and go and talk to the farmers and producers explaining what my idea was some thought it was a good idea.

“Some thought who was this mad women, but eventually it did take off and now thanks to those farmers and producers, campaigners, Food for Life and school meals caterers many schools are using fresh, local food to make school meals from scratch but we need more to join us. 

“Children and families are now more reliant on school meals than ever before. We now more than ever need to support our farmers and producers across the country, we need to support our school meals service and importantly we need to feed our children and what better way than using seasonal, fresh, local food that we have here in this beautiful country of ours.

“What better way to showcase what the schools meals service catering teams do every day than supporting Love British Food not only during British Food Fortnight but throughout the year.”

Written by
Edward Waddell