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Law Commission proposes 'radical overhaul' of adult social care

11th May 2011 - 00:00
The Law Commission has today published a report it claims recommends the most far-reaching reforms of adult social care law seen for over 60 years.
Under the proposals, older people, disabled people, those with mental health problems and carers will, for the first time, be clear about their legal rights to care and support services. "Our recommendations will bring much needed clarity and accessibility, and have a major, beneficial impact on the lives of many of our most vulnerable citizens." The report is the first of two reviews ministers will use to reform social care in England in the coming years. An independent commission has also been set up to look at how social care - which is currently means-tested - should be funded. It is due to report in July and will be followed by a white paper at the end of this year and legislation in 2012. Care Services minister Paul Burstow says the latest Law Commission recommendations would be carefully looked at. He added: "This report provides foundation for the most significant single reform of social care law in 60 years."
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