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Lexington MD expands role to lead Elior UK’s B&I business

4th Jun 2024 - 07:00
Matt Wood expands role to lead Elior UK’s B&I business
Matt Wood, managing director of corporate contract caterer Lexington Catering, is expanding his responsibilities to also lead Elior UK’s B&I business.

Under Wood’s guidance, Lexington Catering experienced substantial growth boasting a workforce of 1,400 employees serving approximately ten million meals annually. 

Harnessing the B&I catering successes achieved at Lexington Catering, Wood plans to elevate innovative B&I catering services across the UK as part of Elior’s wider market, providing a revitalised approach to further unify the exceptional quality and experience of both brands.

He had already promoted Lexington’s Sean Ritson and Katharine Lewis from operational directors to divisional directors. Since Wood’s appointment he has promoted Calum McLaren into the role of regional managing director at Elior UK from operations director.

Wood commented: “I am delighted to embrace Elior into my B&I portfolio. Between Lexington and Elior we have a wealth of resources and drive to reimagine B&I catering. We have already taken great strides and this collaborative approach to leadership will only strengthen our capabilities to spearhead change.

“The Lexington brand is very important to me and I’m proud of the progress our team has made. I’m really looking forward to continuing to deliver great benefits for our Lexington client base, whilst being able to blaze new trails for Elior.”

Written by
Edward Waddell