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Meals provider Apetito examines challenges facing care sector

7th Feb 2024 - 06:00
Meals provider Apetito examines challenges facing care sector
Clare Hunt from the Apetito care homes team was joined by Professor Martin Green OBE, chief executive of Care England and dementia champion for the Department of Health and Social Care, to examine the broader challenges currently facing the care sector.

The ‘Lunch With’ webinar series explores how critical it is for care homes to provide high-quality, nutritious meals to support residents’ health and wellbeing, particularly those with dementia and looks at why meals are often the highlight of residents’ days.

Viewers will learn more about Care England’s recently published roadmap titled ‘Care for our Future’, which examines the future of adult social care and sets out the sector’s priorities across the topics of workforce, funding and integration.

Richard Woodward, general manager for care homes at Apetito, said: “As the chief executive of Care England, the largest representative body for independent care providers of adult social care in England, Martin is in a unique position to understand and articulate the key challenges the sector is facing.

“This episode really is a much watch. The conversation between Clare and Martin is a vital discussion for understanding how to deal with the various critical issues that we know care homes up and down the country are facing.”

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Written by
Edward Waddell