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Middleton Foods creates allergen control production area

9th Jul 2024 - 05:00
Middleton Foods creates allergen control production area
Manufacturer of foodservice and bakery pre-mixes Middleton Foods has announced the completion of its new allergen control production area.

The 238.5sqm purpose-built facility will, once production starts in August, increase production capacity by over 15% and double production of the company’s specialist products.

Pete Moss, general manager, Middleton Foods, said: “Alongside our commitment to invest in our NPD, we invest in our facilities too. We’re excited to unveil our new allergen control area which will allow us to extend our existing range of specialist allergen free products - something we see as a major growth area for the business.

“The importance of managing allergens in factories and the supply chain is complex, yet it’s an essential process to ensure allergen free products are food safe. With the addition of our dedicated new area – which has been hermetically sealed to ensure there’s no cross-contamination – we’ll be able to convert our current gluten free site into an allergen free site, giving us greater flexibility and increased production capacity as the demand for these specialist products grow.

“It will increase our production capacity by over 15% and will double our specialist product capacity, which means we’re able to respond to the increased demand for more specialist allergen free foods. We’ll also be able to offer a wider range of bespoke and tailored allergen free products to our customers.”

Written by
Edward Waddell