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NHS Supply Chain unveils new Culinary Concept Grab & Go

11th Jan 2024 - 07:00
NHS Supply Chain unveils new culinary concept Grab & Go
NHS Supply Chain: Food’s Culinary and Dietetics Team has launched Grab and Go, the latest addition to the Culinary Concept collection.

Since November 2020, NHS Supply Chain: Food has launched eight culinary ranges, collectively known as Culinary Concepts. They include Khana Khana, Root Kitchen, Bamboo, Hatched, Great British Dishes, Gustoso, Cakes and Bakes, and Grab and Go.

The Culinary Concepts have been created to ‘inspire’ NHS catering teams to provide healthy and innovative food options that have been nutritionally analysed.

Idrees Anwar, lead dietitian for NHS Supply Chain: Food, said: “We are so excited to introduce a range of innovative and nutritious food options for healthcare workers whilst on the go, that will not only taste good but also nourish at any time of day.”

The new Grab & Go concept focuses on providing on-the-go, 24/7 nourishment to healthcare staff whilst improving NHS food and drink offerings including breakfast, lunch, and dinner with options like yoghurt, fruit pots, salads and more for all, including patients and visitors.

Ian Robertson, catering operations manager at Solent NHS Trust, added: “What an exciting day tasting the new Culinary Concept, Grab and Go, and hearing from the culinary team on their latest innovations.

“I am thrilled about the new concept and I am eager to join forces with the team to incorporate the concept into our trusts to better the foods provided for our incredible staff. The Feta Cheese Salad was an absolute winner, it’s delicious, fresh and salty.” 

An example recipe can be downloaded below.  

Written by
Edward Waddell