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Nutrition & Hydration Week unveils 7 key aims for campaign

19th Jan 2024 - 06:00
Nutrition & Hydration Week unveils 7 key aims for campaign
Nutrition & Hydration Week, which is taking place from Monday 11th March through to Sunday 17th March, has unveiled seven key aims.

Planning has taken place around the country in NHS Trusts, care homes, business & industry, gyms, schools, the police and MoD. They will host events to promote their good practices and key messages on food and drink for those they care for.

Andy Jones, co-founder of Nutrition & Hydration Week, said: “The Wednesday is a global focus through that most British of institutions an Afternoon Tea, this appears to grab our colleagues overseas to join us in sharing and promoting good nutrition and hydration in health and social care around the globe, whilst having a bit of fun and providing a novel experience for the people they care for. I reiterate the week is the focal point of the year for many in highlighting their services.”

Seven key aims:

  • Promoting the ten key characteristics for good nutritional care
  • Promoting mealtimes matter and protected mealtimes
  • Encouraging the introduction of nutrition advocates /champions to each health and social care setting
  • The introduction of minimum standards for good nutrition in all settings
  • Sharing good nutrition and hydration practice
  • Promoting continued education and professional development, especially in the health and social care sector for catering staff
  • Improve staff awareness of their own hydration and nutritional requirements


Written by
Edward Waddell