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Poll reveals top 15 most popular nostalgic recipes

17th Apr 2024 - 05:00
Poll reveals top 15 favorite nostalgic recipes
A poll of 2,000 adults found a third often eat food specifically to remind them of the years gone by, with 52% associating particular foodstuffs with past times in their lives.

In response to these findings, care home provider Care UK has created a collection of nostalgic recipes dating back from the 1950s through to today with the help of its residents in care homes across the country.

The poll found the top three nostalgic meals were quiche, casseroles and carrot cake. Also popular were chicken Kiev, prawn cocktail and Battenberg cake. It also emerged that 35% still use family recipes that have been handed down through the generations.

According to the research by 62% believe their eating habits have changed as they have aged, with 65% of these trying to eat more healthily and 45% looking to be more adventurous. Some traditional foods may be on the verge of extinction, as beef topped a list of ingredients people buy less of now than they did five years ago.

Andrew Mussett, hotel services manager at Care UK, said: “Nostalgia is a powerful force that connects us to our past, and what better way to relive those cherished moments than through the comforting embrace of familiar foods served up in family favourite recipes passed down through the generations?

“Whether it's the aroma of a family recipe or the first bite of a childhood treat, nostalgic foods have the power to evoke happy memories and emotions and are a wonderful way to encourage reminiscence in older people, especially for those living with dementia. A home-cooked meal using a recipe enjoyed in the past creates an opportunity to remember the past and reflect on the people and places which inspired the dish.”

Top 15 favourite nostalgic meals include:

1. Quiche

2. Casseroles

3. Carrot cake

4. Chicken Kiev

5. Prawn cocktail

6. Crepes

7. Battenberg cake

8. Black forest gateau

9. Angel delight

10. Tinned pudding

11. Vol-au-vent

12. Pineapple chicken

13. Fondue

14. Devilled eggs

15. Pasta primavera

Written by
Edward Waddell