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Pride Catering claims Food for Life medal hat-trick

22nd Dec 2011 - 00:00
Celebrity chef Brian Turner presented the prestigious Food for Life Catering Marks to Deborah Kenny from Pride Catering of Guildford. Pride Catering, which now holds the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.
The awards, which took place at 15 Hatfields, an environmentally-friendly conference centre in London, are an indication of Pride's commitment to transforming school food culture. Deborah Kenny, Pride's senior operations manager, said she was delighted to accept the recognition for the quality the lunches it served schools throughout its business heartland and the south-east. She said the caterer had a fresh food ethos and she was truly passionate about serving tasty nutritional lunches using ethical and traceable ingredients. "We won the awards thanks to our high food quality standards - for example, we only use free-range chicken and eggs. All our milk and the majority of our fruit and vegetables are organic, and we definitely don't use undesirables like GM ingredients and E-numbers." Brian Turner commented: "These caterers have proved that they are committed to providing healthy, nutritious and climate-friendly food to thousands of schoolchildren across the country. "Working with Food for Life Partnership schools, the caterers are an integral part of a bigger picture, teaching children about the importance of sitting around a table together, healthy food, and where their food comes from. "What better way to tackle obesity and other health issues as well as improve social cohesion?" The Food for Life Catering Mark is an award which offers a step-by-step route to providing freshly-prepared, locally produced, seasonal and organic food. It is open to caterers in all sectors, the Catering Mark has three tiers: gold, silver and bronze, with the bronze award requiring the caterer's menu to be 75% freshly prepared and using seasonal ingredients.
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