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Public Sector Catering launches Future of Kitchen Technology digital guide

20th May 2024 - 07:00
Public Sector Catering launches Future of Kitchen Technology digital guide
To celebrate the start of Public Sector Catering Week (20-24th May) a Future of Kitchen Technology digital guide has been launched that takes a look at trends and technology to offer a view of what commercial kitchens could look like in the year 2034.

Diets change over time, food fads come and go, and previously niche regional ingredients become global staples. To deal with these changes and to support much-needed moves to reduce the carbon footprint of catering, commercial kitchen equipment is going through its own technological revolution. Change is coming.

There are examples of technology being incorporated into cooking and serving food that point the way forward. The Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand sees Hajime robots serve every guest their food, while at closer to home at Inamo restaurant in London customers use a touch screen on tables to order food.

Public Sector Catering asked kitchen equipment and design specialists how they imagine kitchen of the future will look ten years from now in the year 2034. The Future of Kitchen Technology digital guide contains:

Public Sector Catering Week aims to highlight and celebrate the valuable contributions of individuals and teams involved in providing food services in schools, hospitals, care homes universities, government offices, and other public facilities.

Each day will have a theme, these will look at the future of kitchen technology, plant-based menus, local sourcing, careers & recruitment, as well as managing allergens. The 2024 Public Sector Catering Week sponsors include Bidfood, Essential Cuisine, Premier Foodservice and Quorn Pro.

Read the Future of Kitchen Technology guide online, or download below. 

Written by
Edward Waddell