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Sodexo creates Military Advisory Group for nutrition & wellbeing

1st Dec 2023 - 07:00
Sodexo creates Military Advisory Group for nutrition & wellbeing
Global services company Sodexo has partnered with the British Nutrition Foundation to explore practical solutions that support the nutritional needs of the British Armed Forces with the launch of a new Military Advisory Group.

The duo will hold regular sessions over the coming year to bring together academics, military stakeholders and science experts to explore how nutritional standards for the military can be better integrated into the lived experience.  

The first Advisory Group meeting was at Colchester Garrison on 28th November. In this inaugural session, the group explored some of most pressing the health concerns faced by the military.

The group delved into what could be improved to help military personnel achieve a healthy, balanced diet and whether the supplementation of specific nutrients such as vitamin D should be considered to support musculoskeletal health, in line with the UK Government recommendation.

Mark Baker, chief operating officer of Defence at Sodexo UK & Ireland, said: “We’ve worked with the British Armed Forces and military forces across the globe for the past 50 years and every step of that journey has been about how we have collaborated to adjust and improve our services to ensure they meet the evolving physical and mental needs of soldiers and deliver greater operational capability.

"By partnering with the BNF and other nutritional experts, we’re looking to further improve the health and wellbeing experience of soldiers, sailors and aviators not only at our partner sites, but in the longer-term hopefully for the wider military community.”

The Sodexo team from Colchester Garrison then shared with the group some of the nutritional initiatives planned on-site, such as an enhanced packed lunch trial and the design of a number of healthier takeaway options to help improve food choices outside of core hours.

Sara Stanner, science director at the British Nutrition Foundation, added: “A balanced, nutritious diet is important, as we know Armed Forces have considerable physical and cognitive challenges, and that good nutrition is important to support performance.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Sodexo and other valued experts from the nutrition and military fields, to discuss how we can together make a difference by driving positive change and educate stakeholders about the value of nutrition for the health and wellbeing of military personnel.”

The Military Advisory Group for nutrition and wellbeing aims to meet three times a year to explore the latest insights supported by a strong body of scientific evidence to ensure services are futureproofed.

Written by
Edward Waddell