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Troops put hot weather rations to the test

13th May 2009 - 00:00
Troops on operations in Afghanistan are now trialling new hot weather ration packs, designed to feed troops with greater variety in the harsh summer temperatures.
Over 300,000 of the new 24 hour multi-climate rations (MCR) will be trialled by deployed troops this summer which sees the traditional "biscuits brown" and pate replaced by healthier and more suitable meals like pasta lunchtime pouches. The MCR also includes the introduction of 20 new trial menus for general use plus six new menus for Halal, Vegetarian and Sikh/Hindu ranges. Speaking as the rations underwent a taste-test, Lt Cdr Neil Horwood RN, of the DE&S food project team said: "Food is vitally important to the morale of our Armed Forces, especially when deployed on operations. It is really important to provide increased variety to troops operating for long periods on rations which will help reduce menu fatigue. "We are all very pleased that the multi-climate rations are now in theatre to be put to the test by the soldiers, sailors and airmen, who are working in the most austere of environments. Early feedback has been extremely positive and we are confident that these rations will be a success." The new menus have been developed to meet the needs of service personnel operating in extreme climates. Major John Gilbert, based in DE&S in Bristol, who has served in Afghanistan said: "The main improvement in the rations is the tremendous variety and the intelligent way in which the best of the old rations has been retained, together with the introduction of practical improvements such as the replacement of the chocolate bars which obviously melt in the heat or go rock hard in the Arctic." The MCR trial will run from May - October 2009 and will help inform the long term future of menus for 24 hour ORP in Hot Climates for summer 2010 and beyond. OUT Chocolate bars Pate Biscuits brown Biscuits fruit Corned beef hash Treacle pudding Oat biscuit Powdered soup IN Energy bars Pasta lunchtime pouches Shrewsbury biscuits Ginger biscuits Muesli Rice pudding Various fruits in a pouch Ready made soups in a retort pouch Oreo cookies Chocolate chip cake Numerous drink flavourings Dental chewing gum
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