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The Vegetarian Society encourages caterers to eat veggie, cut carbon & drive change

14th Apr 2023 - 05:00
National Vegetarian Week (15-19 May) aims to encourage individuals as well as caterers to eat veggie, reduce their carbon footprint and drive change.

A spokesperson for The Vegetarian Society, said: "Going meat-free is always in the news headlines whether its King Charles looking for a chef to cook vegetarian meals, research saying plant-based is good for muscle building or Sir David Attenborough urging viewers to eat more plant-based meals. National Vegetarian Week is the ‘perfect time’ to give vegetarian food a go. Whether it’s going veggie all week or just for one meal – you will still be making a difference."

National Vegetarian Week has created a free digital 'Make Your Meals Better by Miles' booklet. It’s packed with recipes from chefs including Ella Mills, founder of Deliciously Ella, Miguel Barclay, Kwoklyn Wan, Jackie Kearney and Max La Manna. These recipes are all carbon-calculated, showing the difference anyone can make to the planet by simply having veggie meals.

MasterChef finalist and author Jackie Kearney commented: “National Vegetarian Week is a great chance to focus on vegetable-based dishes and share enticing recipes. And hopefully encourage us to incorporate more plant-based food in our diets, which is better for our own health and the planet.”

Last year, the National Vegetarian Week campaign ‘inspired’ people to switch over 70,000 meat-based meals for veggie and plant-based dishes, saving over 100 tons of carbon, equivalent to the emissions released by driving a car around the earth’s equator over 16 times.

In 2023 The Vegetarian Society is reaching out to even more people, encouraging a greater number of businesses, schools, local authorities, supermarkets and individuals to take part in the week.  

Written by
Edward Waddell