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Wiltshire Farm Foods Professional launches into care home market

11th Jul 2024 - 06:00
Wiltshire Farm Foods Professional launches into care home market
Apetito, the ‘market leader’ in pre-prepared meal solutions for the care home market, has launched a new service to homes under Wiltshire Farm Foods Professional.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Professional offers a solution to care homes that are looking to enhance their specialist nutrition offer to meet residents’ complex dietary needs.

That may be to cater for residents with swallowing difficulties or those who are living with one of the fourteen known allergens. Caterers may need to accommodate different cultural needs and preferences as well as cater for those residents who may be at risk of malnutrition.

There are no delivery charges and no contractual commitments, whilst providing access to texture modified meals, that comply to the highest IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) standards for residents living with dysphagia.

Also available is Finger Food Bites range for residents living with dementia (nutrition packed in bite-sized delicious pieces which can be easily eaten without any mess) as well as an extensive ‘free-from’ range.

Ian Stone, chief commercial officer at Wiltshire Farm Foods, said: “Catering for diverse dietary needs across a care home is incredibly complex. Mealtimes is a central part of a residents day and restoring enjoyment to food and helping residents dine with dignity is vital.

“We know that some homes find it hard to achieve the right levels of nutrition to meet personalised resident pathways, whilst ensuring these sit within budgetary constraints. And with labour costs still rocketing, it can be a difficult process to manage effectively and to a budget.

“Here’s a solution for care homes, which guarantees safety in every bite and delivers a meal quality which homes would find very difficult to replicate. And it’s a solution that is backed up by Wiltshire Farm Foods’ famous service values – no contractual requirement and free delivery.”

Written by
Edward Waddell