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Workplace caterer Lexington expands cloud catering service

25th Oct 2022 - 06:00
Lexington Catering has extended its cloud catering offer, Lex Unboxed, to reach more workplaces in London that are within a six mile radius of the kitchen.

Lexington’s chefs created a menu that uses fresh, seasonal and local ingredients that appeal to all dietary requirements. The food is placed into plant-based and fully compostable packaging.

To support employee wellbeing and productivity, Lexington has developed options which are high in fibre and include slow-release carbohydrates as well as foods rich in Omega-3. There is also a choice of drinks available which can be delivered with the food and calorie and allergen information is included for all food items.

Matt Wood, managing director of Lexington Catering, said: “Lex Unboxed was created for businesses that want to provide employees and guests with a high-quality hospitality offering but do not have the catering facilities to deliver such a service.

“How and where people work has changed over the past two years, and this had led to the need for more flexible catering options. Health and wellbeing has become increasingly important to our customers, as has a demand for an adaptable catering service that meets a variety of tastes and dietary needs. 

“Lex Unboxed provides offices with delicious food, created by talented chefs with extensive experience of providing premium quality food in the workplace, and is easy to order and does not require an on-site kitchen. Due to the initial success of Lex Unboxed, we have now expanded the delivery area so that more workplaces and offices can benefit and have access to this cloud-based solution.”

Written by
Edward Waddell