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Birds Eye: Green Cuisine Veggie Quarter Pounders (not vegan)

10th May 2023 - 11:47
Public Sector Catering asked a professional chef with long experience in foodservice to put some of the latest plant-based products to the test.

The texture was quite dry and it had quite a distinct flavour of onions. I had to turn it to brown it better. The crumb coating absorbed oil, which made one side feel greasy, but it cooked easily. I think some sauce or garnish with it when served would improve the product.

Cooked it both under grill and in the oven, and got a consistent finish. I served my one with mayo and salad to my son, who is a meat eater, and he said that although it needed a bit more colour and was a little dry, he found it tasty and would eat one again.  

PBW Approved


Written by
Edward Waddell