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Clive’s Purely Plants unveils new vegan bakery range

22nd Sep 2022 - 04:00
Clive Purely Plants has launched a new foodservice range of organic, plant-based pies, gluten free tarts, quiches and snacking rolls to help cafés, restaurants and bars to tap into the growing plant-based market.

Research shows that 64% of Brits purchased vegan food in 2021 and 14% of the population identifies as flexitarian.

The new foodservice range includes four hot pies in puff pastry with some of the brand’s tasty favourite fillings such as creamy mushroom with a chestnut, shiitake and porcini medley, and the popular saag aloo recipe with calming coconut and fiery ginger.

The newly developed red pepper harissa quiche is a four-portion product with a delicious pumpkin seed crust which packs a lot of flavour. Clive’s is also offering a tomato & olive tart in gluten free pastry, as well as a new range of handheld ‘soysage’ rolls - perfect plant-based treats to take advantage of food-to-go opportunities.

Esther Pearson, managing director at Clive’s, said: “We’re so excited to be launching into foodservice. We’ve gone through a huge amount of change in the past few years and the timing couldn’t be better for us.

“We’re ready and raring to take our products into the out of home sector and can’t wait to see customers enjoying our products in cafes, restaurants, bars and delis. We’ve also just had a very positive BRC audit recently and are on track for AA standard.”

Written by
Edward Waddell