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Cooldelights launch vegetarian-suitable frozen jelly tubs

11th Mar 2015 - 11:34
Cooldelight has launched a new, vegetarian-suitable Frozen Jelly Tubs (Thaw & Serve), available from September, as part of their specialist range of cold-desserts for the Public Sector.

The 2 new, vegetarian jelly tubs are as follows and are ideal for new menus for Key Stage 1 children in infant and primary schools, particularly with UIFSM in mind.

Cooldelight Vegetarian Strawberry Jelly Dessert Tubs (Thaw & Serve)  – 60 x 90 grms
Cooldelight Vegetarian Orange Jelly Dessert Tubs (Thaw & Serve) – 60 x 90 grms 

This new concept is an alternative to vegetarian jelly crystals, which are currently available in the Public Sector market.

The product is an individual, printed tub of strawberry / orange flavoured jelly, which is delivered and stored in a frozen format.

To use, the product is removed from the freezer and allowed to thaw at ambient room temperatures, over a 3-hour period (out of the box), or overnight in a fridge.

Once thawed, the jelly is ready to eat straight from the tub or it can be decanted from the tub, by turning the tub upside down and squeezing the sides of the tub.

The jelly portion decants into the moulded shape of the tub and can then be served in a dish, accompanied by fresh fruit / ice cream etc. (once de-cantered from the tub, it is recommended to be eaten within 15 minutes).

One of the main benefits of the vegetarian jelly tub (Thaw & serve ) concept, is that it eliminates the inconsistency that many Public Sector Caterers have, in trying to get vegetarian jelly crystals to set.

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PSC Team