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Cooldelights launch vegetarian-suitable frozen mousse tubs

11th Mar 2015 - 11:37
Cooldelight Desserts has launched a new, vegetarian-suitable frozen mousse tubs, available from September, as part of their specialist range of cold-desserts for the Public Sector.

The 2 new, vegetarian mousses are as follows and are ideal for new menus for Key Stage 1 children in infant and primary schools, particularly with UIFSM in mind.

Cooldelight Chocolate & Vanilla Swirled Vegetarian Mousse Tubs – 60 x 90 mls  
Cooldelight Strawberry & Vanilla Swirled Vegetarian Mousse – 60 x 90 mls  

This new concept is an alternative to standard recipe mousse tubs (which contain gelatine and are not suitable for vegetarians) and packet mix mousses, which are currently available in the Public Sector market.

The product is an individual, printed tub of strawberry & vanilla swirl  / chocolate & vanilla swirl vegetarian recipe frozen mousse, which is delivered and stored in a frozen format.

To use, the product is removed from the freezer and best eaten, within 30 minutes of leaving the freezer.

One of the main benefits of the vegetarian mousse tub concept, is that it eliminates the confusion in many school / hospital kitchens, as to whether mousses can be served to children / patients who have a vegetarian diet.

In the Education Sector, with the introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals in England & Scotland, we see a significant opportunity for this product in Infant & Primary Schools, as an alternative to packet mix mousses.

With less time in many school operations to make desserts in the kitchen, the need for a ready-to-serve dessert, than can be made available to all children ( vegetarian and non-vegetarian ), will be greater than ever.

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PSC Team