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Equipment manufacturer Fri-Jado launches new combi oven solution

27th Feb 2023 - 09:15
The Fri-Jado GO features two 1/1 GN compatible sizes, a 6-level and a 10-level, both available in a standard and a unique pass-through format.

Intended to ‘virtually eliminate’ the risk of cross-contamination, the pass-through model comes with doors on both sides, separating food preparation (raw food) and food service areas (cooked food) instore. The two doors feature double-glazed glass panels, preserving energy efficiency and making the food easier to view.

The interface hosts pre-set, locked, menus and programmes, ensuring the appliance can be used by any member of staff, even those with limited training. Fully connected through Fri-Jado’s SmartConnect cloud-based dashboard, operators can monitor consumption, cleaning and service data as well as update recipes.

Gary Thacker, sales director at Fri-Jado UK, said: “Designed and built following several years of research, development and operator feedback, the ovens are built specifically for the needs of food-retailers – combining precision, flexibility and intelligent cooking.

“Packed with smart technology, built using robust and reliable components and available in two sizes, each with our unique pass-through design, the ovens perfectly complement our existing range of holding and display equipment.”

Constructed from heavy-duty components the models in the Fri-Jado range are built to withstand the demands of a professional environment while being suitable for both front and back of house positioning.

Written by
Edward Waddell