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FEM’s zero-contact condiment dispenser offers a new level of safety

30th Nov 2020 - 10:16
fem contact-less condiment dispenser
The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of hygiene in the hospitality industry, with caterers looking at how to achieve maximum safety while trimming back on waste. One way to increase hygiene is to eliminate as many hand contact points in the operation as possible, shifting to a touch-free environment.

In response, FEM has introduced its new Touchless Express dispensers from Server Products which offer an alternative and safer way to serve sauces and condiments.

The motion-activated dispensing units are the first pumps of their kind to serve toppings without physical contact with the unit. The dispensers can be used for finishing, topping or filling ramekins with the sauces and condiments for eat-in, take-out or delivery.

They can also be used in the kitchen as they minimise staff contact with surfaces and they produce less waste and more profits than single-use pouches.

The single countertop touchless Express dispenser unit dispenses customer favourites from 4.9 litre pouches housed inside the body, for a sealed, sanitary and cost-effective system.

The pouches are easy to replace when empty and are completely recyclable. The units offer a hygienic alternative to portion packets – the pouch, closed dispensing system and touch-free operation minimise the possibility of food contamination. It dispenses condiments from thin syrups and hot sauces to thicker products like relish with small particulates.

In operation, the dispensers’ PerfectSense technology detects user’s hand to initiate the dispensing of a single portion. The detection field is approximately 2.5 to 15cm from the sensor eye, which eliminates unintended dispensing from regular surface sanitising or general activity, either front or back of house.

Variable portions can be dispensed by removing hand before the dispensing cycle is complete. No calibration is needed; the dispenser can be plugged into a standard outlet and is ready for use straightaway.


Written by
David Foad