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Flawsome! introduces paper straw & packaging for children

25th Jul 2023 - 04:00
Wonky fruit juice brand Flawsome! has introduced the ‘UK’s first paper straw in paper packaging in the children’s category’ to further support the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

The new range of Wonky Fruit Water Cartons offers children a healthy option for lunchboxes that provides them with their daily dose of iron as well as vitamins D and C.

Since the UK Government announced a ban on single-use plastic straws, companies have made the switch to paper straws. Flawsome!’s paper wrappers have already helped save 252kg of plastic and contributed to the brand’s carbon footprint being 50% lower than the average small juice company.

Flawsome! turns unwanted wonky and surplus fruit into delicious cold-pressed fruit drinks. The new range includes three brand new flavours including apple, mango & orange; sweet apple and apple & sour cherry.

Karina Sudenyte, co-founder of Flawsome!, said: “We’re really excited to finally introduce both our new range of Wonky Fruit Water Drinks and revolutionary paper straw in paper packaging. We pride ourselves on being innovators within sustainability and prioritise this throughout the business.

“The new range will join our current products in providing children and families with healthy, delicious and affordable options for fruit drinks while ensuring today’s children have a planet to enjoy as they grow up.”

Written by
Edward Waddell