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Fri-Jado unveils refreshed Multisserie range

24th Aug 2022 - 04:00
The new Multisserie range from Fri-Jado, complete with a high-resolution touch screen display and simple programme-driven operation, is the ‘ultimate’ front-of-house cooking appliance.

The Multisserie drives impulse purchases with a unique 270° view. The unit’s steady rotation and enclosed chamber help foods to cook up to 50% faster than conventional ovens and open rotisseries, while intelligent ‘cook correction’ technology ensures food safety and delivers consistent quality results.

Gary Thacker, sales director at Fri-Jado UK, commented: “Customers are drawn in by the theatre of a cooking process, so why not showcase it in the most visible way possible? A rotisserie is a great way to demonstrate quality, while also engaging with your customers, but the Multisserie goes one step further, adding a standout design and ease of use to the mix.

“Capable of cooking up to 60 whole chickens in just 45 minutes, the unit is suitable for high footfall sites, while the optional internal condenser allows an operator to position it in virtually any location. The wonderful sights and smells of freshly cooked meats is a sure-fire way to drive impulse sales, especially during new or quieter day parts.”   

Written by
Edward Waddell