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Middleton Foods creates vegan burger mix

31st Jan 2023 - 15:59
With vegan menus having wider appeal, caterers looking to offer premium quality plant-based offerings on a permanent basis can use the new vegan burger mix from manufacturer of foodservice and bakery pre-mixes, Middleton Foods.

Made in the UK using an ‘innovative combination’ of ingredients, including carrot, pumpkin and beetroot, Middleton Foods has developed its vegan burger mix without soy, wheat or e-numbers. Once mixed, shaped and cooked; the vegan patties offer a traditional burger appearance with an appetising colour, form and satisfying bite.

The vegan burger mix allows operators to create mouth-watering burgers which can be enjoyed by vegans, and by those who enjoy a flexitarian diet that is free from animal products; as well as by those who just fancy trying something new.

The Mix can also be used to create vegan versions of popular menu choices such as sausage rolls, Greek style koftas and scotch eggs. Simply use the mixture as if it were the meat.

Suitable for use in any catering establishment – from cafés and care homes; pop-ups and pubs; mobile catering and casual dining – the vegan burger mix is available in conveniently sized 2kg tubs, which contain enough Mix for 46 patties.

Written by
Edward Waddell