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Middleton Foods unveils vegan friendly muffin & sponge chocolate mix

23rd Apr 2024 - 04:00
Manufacturer of foodservice and bakery pre-mixes Middleton Foods has added the muffin & sponge chocolate mix to its vegan product range.

Simple to use, this new readymade pre-mix ensures high quality and consistency that caterers can rely on to create tasty muffins or sponge.  

Developed using an innovative combination of ingredients, Middleton Foods’ new chocolate vegan muffin and sponge mix is a plant-based product made in the UK – simply add water, mix and bake for perfect muffins and sponge every time.

Available in conveniently sized 3.5kg bags, each bag contains enough mix to make seven, eight-inch sponges; or fifty seven muffins. Combine with inclusions to give added appeal – from fruit and nuts, to other sweet additions.

A spokesperson for Middleton Foods, said: “Suitable for use in any catering establishment – from cafés and care homes; pop-ups and pubs; mobile catering and casual dining – this versatile vegan-friendly mix has been carefully created by Middleton Foods to allow operators the chance to create mouth-watering cakes which can be enjoyed by vegans and those who enjoy a flexitarian diet free from animal products, as well as by consumers who just fancy trying something new.

“Many consumers choose a plant-based diet as a lifestyle choice, with health, animal welfare and environmental concerns popular reasons to choose veganism. With vegan menus having wider appeal, caterers looking to provide a more varied menu of premium quality plant-based offerings – including sweet treats – will love the new chocolate vegan muffin and sponge mix from Middleton Foods.”

Written by
Edward Waddell