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New Crisp Thins from The Food Doctor

29th Aug 2013 - 12:03
The Food Doctor is revolutionising the crisp market with its new Crisp Thins.

Crisp Thins are made from 50% corn and 50% soy. Popped rather than baked or fried the products contain less than 99 calories per bag whilst also delivering high levels of protein (25%) & fibre (8%) – and are also  50% lower in saturated fat than standard fried potato based crisp snacks.

The Crisp Thin flavours are also all 100% natural without artificial additives. Flavours include mild korma, sweet chilli, spicy chipotle and hot wasabi.

Michael da Costa, managing director of The Food Doctor, said: “We looked at what is happening in the health food aisles and the changes in consumer behaviour, and had a think about how to grow the brand into new areas and communicate The Food Doctor’s key messages to a broader audience.

"Growing numbers are now looking for products offering recognised health benefits and are also opting for more natural products with fewer additives, as close to their original state as possible. We believe our Crisp Thins provide such a healthier, more nutritious and delicious alternative helping people to eat better and more wholefully.”

Written by
PSC Team