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Oranka’s Children’s Food Trust compliant juices are ‘perfect’ for schools

14th Oct 2019 - 11:52
Oranka’s fruit juiced are ‘packed with vitamin goodness’, as well as delivering children one of their five a day.

While the legacy of all the good work that the Children’s Food Trust brought remains, many education venues continue to strive to deliver and fulfil on these established requirements. Combined with the Sugar Tax Levy introduced in April 2018, schools seeking lower sugar and healthier drinks to serve should consider Oranka juices.

Any of Oranka’s fruit juices and smoothies (yes that’s right – any!) that have more than 45% fruit content are compliant.

In addition, the ready to drink premium juice ranges which are all school compliant (apart from cheeky Cranberry). 

In fact all 100% fruit juices are school compliant when offered as a 150ml serving. While mixed juice drinks, with a minimum fruit content of 45% can even be served in a 330ml serving.

The ready to drink range extends the flavours further and features seasonal classics such as Apple and Elderberry, Freshly Pressed Orange Juice with Mango and the increasingly popular Pear Juice. Delivered at ambient temperature the drinks have an unopened shelf life of up to nine months saving on precious refrigerated storage space. Once opened. The chilled juice will stay fresh for up to 30 days when refrigerated.

Troy Smith, managing director of Oranka Juice Solutions said: “These drinks help schools to be compliant while also delivering the goodness of juice. They are ideal for free pour, help yourself dispensing options. Or in the case of many schools, they opt for tighter portion control and wastage by serving the drinks using bottles or go for the completely no plastic option with the fully recyclable Pop Up Cup.”


Written by
Melissa Moody