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Pan’Artisan offers ‘exciting’ range of pizzas for school caterers

7th Sep 2023 - 04:00
The lure of offsite fast food is always an issue, so Pan’Artisan believes caterers need to offer an equally exciting range of meals that keep up with current trends, address all dietary needs and make meals cost effective – this is no mean feat, especially in the current economic climate.

According to YouGov’s food study Italian food tops the list of favourite cuisines; with half of Britons (51%) choosing it and the majority of those are aged 16-24 (58%).

Pan’Artisan produces two popular pizza bases especially for schools, designed with children’s nutritional needs in mind: a ‘Brown Medium Pizza Base’ and a ‘Brown Deep Pizza Base’. These pizza bases are hand finished and made with the best quality ingredients; they contain no GM products or artificial flavours or preservatives.

Charlotte Perkins, trade marketing manager at Pan’Artisan Ltd, said: “Pizza represents a much-loved choice, not only by young consumers, but also caterers. With an endless array of topping options and a wide variety of bases to choose from it is easy to tailor to dietary needs or specific trends and it provides a quick to serve menu item.

“Involving students in the ‘building’ of their pizza creates a great opportunity to inform and encourage healthy eating options, by ensuring a good selection of exciting, fresh and tasty veggies, sauces and herbs along with a source of protein on offer, pizza can be a great way to enjoy a balanced menu choice.

“We have just launched our delicious Mini Pizza Pala Margherita which provides a great fit for comprehensive school caterers who need a convenient, premium quality menu item for quick serve scenarios.

“Our Mini Pizza Pala Margherita is produced to an authentic Italian recipe, it is ready topped with fine quality Italian tomato and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, which is delicious as is, but also enables the operator to customise with additional toppings to extend the menu range.

“The Mini Pizza Pala Margherita is also perfect for handheld eating as this tasty rectangular shaped pizza, measures 22cm by 10cm, offering a generously sized single portion of pizza to sate the hungriest of appetites.”

Written by
Edward Waddell