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Pidy UK gets fruity

25th Sep 2012 - 14:09
Pastry specialist Pidy has launched its brand new canapé concept – fruity cups.

Fashioned in the shape of a fine pastry fruit basket, these products comprise  a blend of low-fat dough and real fruit juices which can be served as a one-bite dessert for stand up buffets, three on a plate with cream for a sit down pud’ or simply as a sweetmeat on a saucer to accompany a cup of coffee.

There are four varieties in the range – strawberry, banana, fruits of the forest (mix of blueberry, raspberry and blackberry) and orange.  Each brings 100% natural fruit taste and colour to the table – all  are made using 30% real fruit juice and contain no artificial colours or E numbers. 

All varieties can be frozen and will stay crispy after defrosting.  ‘They can remain crisp up to 18 hours when stored in a cool place,’ said GM of Pidy UK, Robert Whittle.

Each flavour is packaged in a cash & carry-style box with 96 portions per case.  The mixed case also has 96 portions (24 of each flavour).

“Fruity Cups are the second part of a three part launch which Pidy has planned for introduction over a one year period,” added Whittle. “Part One - Veggie Cups - was unveiled at the Birmingham Food & Drink Expo in March this year.”

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