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Radnor Hills announces new range of canned waters and soft drinks

26th Sep 2019 - 10:37
Soft drink manufacturer, Radnor Hills has announced that they will launch a new range of canned spring waters and soft drinks from October.

Each 330ml still or sparkling water can provides hydration whilst on-the-go in environmentally conscious packaging. Radnor Hills have recognised the benefits of the aluminium can – with its long shelf life, 100% recyclability, transport efficiency and leakproof/lightproof qualities. Whilst all their products are fully recyclable, aluminium cans have the highest recycling rate of them all.

Their new canning line is the result of a £3.5 million investment and is capable of filling still, sparkling and infused products with a direct feed from their bore holes. The new can packaging is sourced from less than 65 miles away from Radnor Hills HQ.

Radnor Hills’ portfolio of canned drinks also includes their fully school complaint range Radnor Fruits, which is a blend of 45% fruit juice and spring water.

Their  Radnor Fruits range has been redesigned in a 330ml can, taking inspiration from the craft beer market for its new ‘wacky’ and colourful look using coloured pull tabs to match specific flavours. Each 330ml can contains no added sugar, preservatives or artificial colours or flavours. They also contribute to one of your five a day recommended fruit portions and will be on sale from October 2019. 


Written by
Melissa Moody