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Stroodles introduces gluten free rice drinking straws

13th Feb 2024 - 04:00
Pasta straw company Stroodles has released gluten free rice drinking straws that come in a variety of colours and sizes.

Restaurants, venues, festivals and catering & event planners can now offer customers more ‘stroodling opportunities’ with rice drinking straws.

Maxim Gelmann, founder of Stroodles, said: “In response to our ‘stroodling’ customers we have now added gluten free rice straws alongside our pasta drinking straws and still enjoy a 100% biodegradable straw with up to a one hour use and know you are still making a small sustainable change.

“As we make sustainable fun, engaging across hospitality and events and add just a ‘ little bit of theatre’ you can now enjoy your drink your cocktail, mocktail, smoothie or shake gluten free and guilt free.”

If you interested in ‘stroodling’, discover the growing range of products at:

Written by
Edward Waddell