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University chef reveals Plant-Based Week recipe

25th May 2022 - 11:53
Chef Jadezra Maryan, one of the culinary team at Bristol University, was inspired to create the plant-based dish based on the students’ love of burritos, street food and ‘a good curry’.

Head of catering at the university, Caroline Wynn, said: “The recipe was perfected in the quieter summer months back in 2021 and launched it as part of the university’s ‘Meat-Free Monday’ campaign in September.

“It has been consistently the most popular dish on that day ever since, with great feedback from students. The dish fits with the university’s sustainability ethos , showcases international flavours and is delicious too.”

Ingredients – makes 50

50 10-inch wraps

2.5 kg potatoes

100g margarine

800g spinach

30g turmeric

60g Madras curry powder

3 kg chickpeas

860g pumpkin seeds

16 cauliflowers

80g garam masala

200ml olive pomace oil

40g salt

20g cracked black pepper

0.5 case mango chutney


  • Blend steamed potatoes with spinach, turmeric, madras, salt and pepper until smooth
  • Floret cauliflower, drain chickpeas, season with garam masala and bake on trays at 160 deg C until golden brown
  • Mix cauliflower and chickpeas with mango chutney
  • Spread a layer of mash on a wrap, then add roasted chickpeas and cauliflower
  • Roll, clingfilm tightly, steam to 75 deg C, then flash-bake in oven for colour
Written by
Edward Waddell