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Wafflemeister creates mini waffles for primary schools

17th Apr 2023 - 04:00
Wafflemeister has launched a range of 35g mini classic liege waffles that are specifically developed for the primary schools sector.

The new range is school-compliant, adheres to all school food guidelines and is packed to optimise serving efficiency in kitchens. The smaller waffles, packed in bulk cases of 100, are more affordable for kitchen teams in a primary school setting due to the reduced size and bulk availability.  

Operators will also benefit from having an appropriately sized waffled which doesn’t require cutting or unwrapping, reducing labour time. The waffles can be served hot or cold with accompaniments such as ice cream, fruit coulis, yogurt or honey as a dessert or snack.

Jon White from Wafflemeister said: “High street or retail waffles are usually too big, too expensive for school budgets, or individually flow wrapped. This makes the product largely impractical for primary school settings. 

"The waffles we have developed will now enable more children within the primary school sector to enjoy what is one of the best products on the market, and one of the most successful brands within the education sector. Not only is it school compliant but it’s also a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and most importantly tasty option for the education sector.”

The product is available through all major wholesalers and sits alongside the core range of 55g and 90g branded waffles.

Written by
Edward Waddell